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Successful ride-sharing requires strictly observed criteria

Ride-sharing can only truly be efficient on road traffic congestion when strict criteria is applied to regulate its use to service travel demands. Jakarta’s three-in-one policy highlights these criteria which can be easily solved by GOVOIT. Jakarta is the second largest metropolitan area in the


Le péage positif : une mesure qui heurte le bon sens

L’argent public doit-il servir à indemniser des automobilistes qui, bien que sans contrainte horaire stricte et sachant qu’ils rencontreront de nombreux embouteillages sur leur route s’ils partent à une heure de grande affluence, ne décalent pas naturellement le moment de leur déplacement ? C’est pourtant


Are car manufacturers on the right path?

Since driverless cars represent a strategic evolution for the future of carmakers, all major car manufacturers are currently striking deals with tech companies. However, the most urgent need for establishing a sustainable future in the global personal transportation market will be to drastically reduce road