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About us

Move easily and quickly at anytime becomes each day increasingly more difficult particularly for commuters and dwellers.
The extension of road network and public transport have failed to absorb the traffic demand.
The situation is still deteriorating and it is taking longer and is becoming ever more difficult to resolve.
Why ?
Because the capacity of the road infrastructure has not increased proportionately to the traffic demand and this has resulted in an increasingly marked imbalance between the supply and demand for travel.

You are aware of the consequences of that situation because it is your daily: city ​​centers are unaccessible, doctors avoid visiting their patients at home, pollution and travel cost increase dramatically, etc..

However, effective and sustainable solutions exist.
And these solutions emerge clearly when mobility is addressed taking into account all aspects of mobility demand.
BILLOO DEVELOPMENT was created in 2008 to put in place these solutions.

An experts’ international network

BILLOO DEVELOPMENT is a private company which relies on an experts’ international network to explore sustainable solutions to facilitate population mobility while working to reduce its impact on man and his environment.

Our priority

Improve the quality of people’s lives, both in their professional sphere and in their private environment.

An exclusive focus: the mobility of commuters and dwellers

Because mobility is a key factor to enhance economy and work-family balance.
Because mobility is essential to develop the social fabric.
Because a well-managed mobility significantly reduces the negative impact of travel on the environment and on public health.

A well-known expertise

If the vast majority of people are unaware of the work it does, BILLOO DEVELOPMENT enjoys an excellent reputation among States and international groups.
By supporting constantly BILLOO DEVELOPMENT, particularly on bids, they confirm clearly the best witness of the confidence they have in our company.

A bid on all calls for international tender launched to manage road tolling

BILLOO DEVELOPMENT bids on all calls for international tender launched by several European countries to manage the road toll for trucks.
BILLOO DEVELOPMENT controls the whole steps of the solution it offers and which has been certified by SGS.
The certification obtained validates the capability of BILLOO DEVELOPMENT solution to compute in real time the large volumes of data required for setting up a distance-based toll for all vehicles moving on all roads of a country.

  • In the Netherlands
    (call for tender stoppped)
    BILLOO DEVELOPMENT was supported by LG Electronics.
  • In France
    (call for tender named "Ecotaxe poids-lourds" )
    BILLOO DEVELOPMENT was supported by LG Electronics, Telenor, Sungard, Bull, Axa, Geovision and Sony.
    Until the final stage, Billoo DEVELOPMENT has faced three powerful competitors:

    • SANEF – Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations, …
    • Orange – Bouygues, …
    • Autostrade – SNCF, Thales, …
      The consortium leaded by Vinci – Deutsche Telekom, … quickly abandoned the project.